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Midnight, I Ask,

This is meant to be like an imagining of meeting a Celtic goddess, I hope you enjoy it as such!

Midnight asks if I permit her pass me,

Her dirk barely sheathed behind

Her half-shut eye, the lupine goddess.

'Oh, come now, how long shall you lie

Undetected by your own mind’s hauntress?

Deceit ill becomes humanity,

Though they are so deft at this.'

She grinds the lone unstolen

Pestle, I flail on her washboard’s ridges.

'When shall I wake from what I feel

Is still unoriginal, another’s dream?

I am the worm of someone’s mind,

For none of this could belong to me.'

Midnight, breathe the glance from its

Poor concealment, haunt me last,

Hunger me no more, what bliss

To be freed from Midnight's distress!

The Midnight breaks, the Midnight swells,

The philharmonic culminates.

Her breathing shatters fingers, fells

The dreamer to a dreary waking state.