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More is in the Works...

More is in the Works...

In truth, a veritable mountain of in progress works is in my documents, totaling at ~1300 pages.

I have been delighted to share both The Almond of My Mind and Odin's Neural Darlings, which comprise most of my interests--neuroscience and Norse mythology. Though I have completed the majority of Odin's Neural Darlings, due to the presence of two very real and public figures in it, I will not be posting subsequent parts for the foreseeable future. (Spoiler: Elon Musk and Grimes are behind the memory issues of humanity, and Odin and Frigg must put a stop to it.) While fiction and nonfiction serve as means to discuss and pry at questionable ideas etc. of public, powerful figures, sometimes these people will naturally be displeased to find these less favourable writings on them. I would rather not risk attracting ire at this time.

However, there is no need to dismay. I continue labouring on a fantasy quadrology (or longer) that has been in one form or another for nearly a decade now, churning out short stories, and working on various novellas. I hope to post snippets of larger works, potentially serialize a novella or two, and of course some poetry. Remaining strictly within one genre is hardly my style, so you can expect a variety of material that ranges from unserious to thought provoking. No matter what genre or mood of the posts, I hope you enjoy them all!

Check out Almond of My Mind at Blurb and Barnes and Noble:

The Almond of My Mind by Anna Ehrenman | Blurb Books
Inspired by the imagery of neuroscience and botany, The Almond of My Mind explores the ways in which love possesses, threatens, and remakes us. This debut collection by Anna Ehrenman is a unique blending of science and poetry, excavating startling new metaphors from the textbook physiology of emotio…